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7 Interesting Beach Dot to Dot Coloring Worksheets

This is the week about connecting the beach dot to dot coloring pages with some extra fun for your loved kids. This is a great way to build preschoolers’ skills with some beach scenes and your kids will express their creativity.

Let’s explore some beach dot to dot coloring pages and worksheets which relax your children’s minds and enhance their skills by connecting the dots

We love to make printables for preschoolers as they can have fun and learn by connecting the dots. This beach dot to dot category has 7 images to connect and color with markers or crayons which can enhance the fine motor skills and number recognition skills in the preschoolers. This activity can help kids to recognize the numbers which builds their number sequencing skills.

All images are perfect for kids having the dots upto 70. Kids have to connect these dots to reveal the final image. It will be a fun activity for all age group kids. Once kids connect all the dots and reveal the final image, they would color with markers or crayons to express their artisitic creativity and make these pictures beautiful.

First picture from our dot to dot beach is sailboat which have the dots from 1 to 33. Kids have to connect the dots till last number to reveal the final image and then they have to color as they want to make the picture beautiful.

Second image from our beach dot to dot is palm-tree which have the numbers from 1 to 60. This image is little bit difficult as young kids also do this activity. While preschoolers have the oppurtunity to connect these dots and recognize big numbers. They can also develop the skill of hand and eye coordination by connecting the dots.

Star Fish dot to dot

Ice Cream dot to dot

solar dot to dot

Ice Cream dot to dot

Crap dot to dot

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